Frequently Asked Questions

What are the operating hours for the free Valet Drop-off and Pickup to and from the airport ?

  • Free valet dropoff & pickups to the  Airport operates daily from 4am in the morning until 9pm nightly.
  • Late night arrivals after 9pm can still be collected but you will need to organise a taxi from the airport.
  • Drop-offs after 9pm are not valet serviced and a taxi is required. 

What happens if my scheduled flight is delayed and arrives after 9pm ?

As we track the actual flight status in real time we will be aware of the delay and the shuttle will be available for your pickup.

How long will I be waiting around on my arrival before I am dropped off ?

We take you immediately to the airport which takes approximately 5 minutes or 7 minutes in traffic.

Will I be waiting long at the Airport on my return ?

No, once you have your luggage and are at the public pick up area and have called for collection, we will be there to collect you in approximately 5 minutes or 7 minutes in traffic.

Can I book online if I don't know all my travel details ?

  • Yes. Just proceed with the booking with the information you have on hand.
  • Once you have made your booking you can update your booking via the link automaticaly provided at the bottom of your email booking confirmation.

I don't know when I'm coming home, can I still book online?

Yes. This is termed as a drifter and the booking system online copes with this quite well. You can update your booking whilst travelling from any computer anywhere.

Ensure valet pickup service on your return by providing us with your
  • return date
  • flight number
  • arrival time
before your return. If you haven't already done so in your original booking.

Can I book over the phone ?

Only if you do not have access to book on-line which is preferable. If you have used our service before, don't forget to tell us, as your info will be easy to retrieve.

My flight is leaving very early in the morning. Can I use your service ?

  • Yes we move a lot of early morning travellers from 4am daily, and its easy !
  • Just book online and you will receive a written booking confirmation & location map via email,
    plus an SMS confirmation to your mobile phone.

How many people can you drop to and from the airport with the free valet service ?

We cater for each booking's requirements as we have a number of valet shuttle vans which gives us plenty of carrying capacity.

I have infant(s) traveling who will require a baby capsule or children who require a child restraint - is that a problem ?

No. The online booking system deals with kid's requirements for your booking, so as the valet shuttle is correctly seated for you departure & return.

Are there any cancellation fees ?

No. However please advise us of your cancellation.

If I pay by credit card or eftpos, when do you take payment off my card ?

  • For credit cards we take the payment on the day you are scheduled to return.
  • For eftpos payments present your card upon return to our office and we will take payment then.
  • Our website is a secure site for credit card details. A $1.00 processing fee applies to all credit card & Eftpos transactions.

Where is the pickup area ?

International: After clearing customs and collecting your baggage head directly out the terminal, turn left and proceed to BUS BAY 1.

Domestic: After collecting your bags proceed to the DOMESTIC COURTESY COACH PICKUP AREA which is situated at the northern end of the Domestic terminal.

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