397 Lake Street | Next to Cairns Airport


                                 Locally owned and operated


Cairns Airport parking is the closest property and storage facility to Cairns Airport and
and is directly linked via Lake St to the Cairns CBD. The free valet shuttle transfer is only minutes to
the terminal front door and we lift the bags


  • Unbeatable every day low rates
  • You dont have to walk a mile across airports carparks to get our best price
  • No prepaid non refundable booking required to get the best price
  • The longer you stay the less you pay


  • No payments required upfront
  • Complete onling booking flexability, even if you dont know your return date
  • Easy online booking system
  • Receive Email & SMS booking confirmation with links to update or edit your booking anytime.
  • No Cancellation Fees, No Booking change Fees & charges

Transfers getting to Airport

  • We Lift your Bags
  • Free express Transfers to the terminal
  • You receive all information you require regarding our service
  • Avoid getting lost in the Airport Parking Maze
  • No long walks to the terminals dragging your bags.
  • No walking in the RAIN

Collection from Cairns Airport

  • Free transfer pickup from airport for flights landing between 4am to closing (Tuesday to 10pm)
  • Receive Automatic SMS with directions to pickup area
  • Prompt collection from pickup area because we track your flight
  • Your Cars ready on your arrival at depot for your collection. ( no waiting around )

Car Care

  • We take responsibility when moving your car

Because there’s NO PUBLIC ACCESS to betta's secure storage facility it ensures
no trolley bumps and scratches, no baggage bumps and scratches and nobody
carelessly opening doors onto your car, or worst still nobody accidently
driving into your car.



An important part of the service we offer our parking clients at the end of the storage period is our
Ready To Go  checks  that include tyres are inflated and that the Battery is cranking the motor properly
enabling the car starts and any obvious defect that may cause a delay in their departure.